StorEn VFBs - Underground Solar Charged 30 kWh Vanadium Battery

StorEn VFBs

Underground Solar Charged 30 kWh Vanadium Battery



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StorEn VFBs is an energy storage and conversion module designed to generate electricity through the sun's radiation, as well as being able to be placed underground to avoid any possible danger of overload or other possible problem.

The most interesting thing about this system is that it has a chemical cell that gives a "boost" to the energy captured from the sun's rays that can generate and store faster and more energy.

Our disruptive patent-pending all-vanadium flow battery technology for energy storage delivers the lowest cost per cycle in the world, eight times lower than lithium-ion batteries.



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With the proliferation of Solar and other types of renewable energy, battery technology is the next logical area for development. Improving the storage, safety and capacity of battery systems will continue the shift to renewable energy. This battery is innovative, safe and appears to be a great step forward. Nice Hunt.


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Advantages of StorEn VFBs:

  • Can energy storage and conversion modules designed to generate electricity through solar radiation, and can be placed underground.
  • This system has chemical cells that give impetus to the energy captured from sunlight which can produce and store faster and more energy.

Good quality battery that can be charged with solar. That underground battery can be charged. It is really good invention. Great hunt. motivate you to hunt more cool products and be an amazing member of SteemHunt!

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This seems great, we are getting closer to the evolution with these new technologies


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