League of Stickman 2 - Epic battles in a Great RPG

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League of Stickman 2

Epic battles in a Great RPG



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Hunter's comment

League of Stickman 2

It is a famous action role-playing game, if you are looking for incredible battles and good graphics, then do not keep looking, here is what you needed. In this game you will become a hero and you will summon many different stickmen to fight against the demons, there are different characters that you can unlock according to your progress in the game, each with a different ability to another. Do you have what it takes to kick, hit and jump?

  • Offers a new gaming experience
  • Make more than 100 combo and kill enemies in the sky
  • More different secret chests to discover
  • New action design and smooth control. Practice and master more than 100 combat mechanics.

This is an addictive game, free to play and available for Android and iOS. Coins and purchases of items are available in the game.




Hunter: @huascargarcia


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Hello @geekgirl, this game has a website, forget to add it, can I publish the publication with the link of this game?

RPG games seems really fun with a lot of action to thrill the gamers. I have a lot of them of my iPad and this should be my next collection. I can’t wait to try it out

Oh wow I think I played the orginal one or two of these on weird flash gaming websites back in highschool!

Of course this type of thing would be a perfect freemium product! Fun to see stickman still around.

stickman seems to be thor like creature. lol. excellent action and fun. Killing demons in the sky also made me to think stickman as thor. :D