Steemia Pay - Send and receive money with STEEM

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Steemia Pay

Send and receive money with STEEM


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What is Steemia Pay?

Steemia Pay is a convenient mobile application that allow users to receive and send money (in Steem and SBD) with instant values in their local currency.


  • Transfer
  • Pay With QR
  • Get Payment With QR
  • Send money and make payment with instant values of local currency.

Steemia Pay is Open Source

If you would like to contribute to Steemia Pay project, feel free to fork Steemia Pay repository and send a pull request.



Hunter: @hsynterkr

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Congrats for your first hunt in Steemhunt 😎. As you know, Steemhunt is a community-driven ranking community for cool new products. We also have a Discord and Telegram channels. Please join in and discuss anything you want for Steemhunt!

Unfortunately this hunt cannot be approved. Please visit the Steemhunt Posting Guidelines to see what type of hunts will be approved.

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This link goes to a Steemit post, which points to a github repository. Once Steemia Pay has it's own website and/or app then we'd love to have it featured on Steemhunt.

Please visit us in the Discord (#moderation appeal channel) if you wish to discuss further.

I wasn't aware that and I didn't know that Steemhunt has a moderation system 😄Thanks for suggestions. I will consider

Nice post
Thank for sharing

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reyis delegasyon alda steemia ya geçelim komple :)

Kısa vadede zor gibi ya 😄 ama @steemia-io yavaş yavaş yükseliyor. Bir iki haftaya iOS sürümü de yayınlanacak.

@hsynterkr hayırlı olsun şimdiden :)