Levitating bonsai pot - As you can see, it's a levitating bonsai pot (magnetic)

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Levitating bonsai pot

As you can see, it's a levitating bonsai pot (magnetic)



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A levitating bonsai pot that is probably powered by a magnetic force. It's cool but rather expensive. Can't afford one of these at home.

I actually found this on Amazon last time, but I'm sharing it now.




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Bonsai boat? This is interesting. I really like bonsai, but they are very expensive in my country.

It's a pot haha.

How is this possible sir? Is it hanged in air due to levitation effect?

I think it has to do with magnets

yes, sir. We used to perform such experiments in university.

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I have to admit, that is a pricey bonsai plant. Something like this would be very cool for my office at work but it also seems like something that would require too much care and would have people touching it too often. The concept is cool as can be though. Maybe if they could cut the price in half, it would be more attractive to people like me who buy things like this.

well looks really amazing by the way.
Like you said it sure is expensive be there where it is !

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This is very interesting...
I like this very much
It's is very expensive of our country

This is great, magnets anyone would say that this is magic hahaha

This is so cool. I didn’t expect that there would be such kind of bonsai floating. I wonder how it floated though.