VersaPen - An adaptable Modular and Multimodal I/O Pen

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An adaptable Modular and Multimodal I/O Pen



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Hunter's comment

Today I will show you my another hunt, this is an adaptable smart pen from Marc Teyssier.

Here use the advanced technology that is why if you want you can customize it very easily. And it will be your great input/output modules.

VersaPen offers multiple advantages. Allowing in-place interaction, it reduces hand movements and avoids cluttering the interface with menus and palettes

See the video-



Hunter: @hmetu

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  • Wow, such an impressive pen and hunt. Would love to have this. Can be used by different artists for the computer.

  • It can be a good investment for making a lot of web designs and projects easily.


  • None for this hunt.