Eneloop - Rechargeable batteries it's life is up to 10 years atlowcost

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Rechargeable batteries it's life is up to 10 years atlowcost



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Powerful and sustainable rechargeable batteries from Panasonic.

It has 2100 life cycle so we use up to 10 years.

All size batteries available at reasonable prices

It come with already recharge so ready to use.

On using this we avoid electric wastage

It offer more durable with high temperature. It working in any climate.


   Recharge up to 2100 times
  Capacity min 1900 mAh (AA) & 750 mAh 
 After 10 years capacity remains up to 70%
 Pre-charged with solar energy
 Suitable for temperatures as low as -20°C




Hunter: @hamsaveni


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Panasonic makes the best rechargeables. I have those in my video lighting setup and I get excellent battery life on my Neewer CN-160 LED lights!


Battery wastes are very dangerous for environment, we need to use more rechargeable ones cause chemicals are used in batteries are pretty poisiness. Hoping that these new batteries do have a reasonable price. Good Hunt!

oh!! for real?? what kind of battery lasts that long. This has to be one awesome hunt i've seen all day.


Solar precharged


You feel you are tired of it, just pass it on. (lol)

2100 life cycle is nice. Can be reloaded with solar charger.


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