Tyer Wind Converter - A Unique Wind converter

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Tyer Wind Converter

A Unique Wind converter



Hunter's comment

Hi hunters, Tyer Wind is a wind Converter., which is totally different from other turbines, Which are built on the concept of fans, but they make to much sound, when air force them to move, But Tyer Wind is based on the concept of the bird, which moves it swings their fan To. I hope

Watch the video for more infomation.




Hunter: @hairy


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  • Stylish Look.
  • Less noise than another wind converter.
  • Beautiful look
  • SAfe and sound.


Not found any.

so again biomimicry approach helps us to solve some problems. I just wonder is this device more efficient than traditional wind turbine system?


  • Very Beautiful look.
  • convert wind into Electricity.
  • Less noise.


  • I don't find any.
  • Pros.

Stylish Look.

NOise remover.

Beautiful look

SAfe and sound.

  • cons.

Not found any.


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I hope you enjoy this photo from pexels.

Good luck and happy hunting!

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Definitely an intuitive design for a wind turbine. I wonder how it's power generation capability compares to traditional fan-blade based wind turbines.

It is good to read about Tyer Wind Converter and how nature is given so much to humanity through this turbines.

Keep hunting

Nature has signs to make understand humanity!


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