Optishot 2 - The World's Number One Golf Simulator

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Optishot 2

The World's Number One Golf Simulator



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Practice make us perfect, the more we practice the more our skill will be improved, it applies in every field of our life, whether it is sports or something related to our job's life. Optishot 2 is a world no one gold simulator that gives you a premium experience of golf practice right at home, now you don't need to go to golf track for practice, you just need to get optishot 2, it analyze your shot speed and also it tells you how much distance your shot have covered.

It uses 16 precisely-tuned, high-speed 48MHz infrared sensors to detect your swings before, during, and after contact, then accurately shows the results in animated form on the PC.




Hunter: @hairy


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  • Court likes the feeling.
  • wide range of sensors.
  • 48MHz infrared sensors
  • animated.


  • Not found any.

Hi @hairy,

Thanks for your hunt, I’ve reviewed and approved it. The hunt is on.

Looks great. Nice hunt my friend @hairy. I will buy if I can.
Wish you great success here on steemhunt.
Keep hunting amazing products.

I am interested in Golf but I have never played it. It may be fun way to play it by a simulator for me. Thanks for sharing.


  • 16 sensors
  • 48Mhz frequency
  • Shows results in PC
  • Analyze your shot


  • NONE


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