Moment Smartwatch - World First Wrap able Digital Watch

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Moment Smartwatch

World First Wrap able Digital Watch



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HI hunters!
if you are in love with stylish watches, Then you are at right place, Today I am going to tell you about a Very stylish digital Smart watch. Moment Smart Watch is design specially to Wrapble in your arm. It has a special 360 degree keyboard that you can use to type sms. It has a OS that can be compatible with the app that can be connected to your phone and you can see emails as well as sms on your smart watch.

Core specs include a 1.73-inch electrophoretic panel (320 x 240 resolution, 16-shade grayscale), a Texas Instruments Tiva C Series ARM Cortex M4 processor, a nine-axis motion sensor, and dual Bluetooth chips (Bluetooth 3.0 and Bluetooth LE). It has an 820mAh battery.

You can get it in just 188 $.



Hunter: @hairy

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Hey, @hairy you found coolest watch never seen before smart product and cool design with multiple features and comes in normal price overall great hunt

I am really impressed by the Keyboard this watch has, It is easy to use, We can send sms and receive our email, It also tracks our walk and remind us about our events. it can easily wearable.


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wow awesome watch i wish to purchase this post i really like it

Very good clock and an excellent idea, but apparently the developers have not delivered the rewards as indicated, since there is a great discontent for those who funded this project. They ask for the refund of their money, but nobody has given him the face. It's still a good hunting!

I just heard a wrapable watch,I am fond of watches and have used many watches including digital.This is different it can be connected to my smartphone and I can check my messages while running,jogging.Its battery of over 800mah is the best thing.I appreciate it's developers.


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