Immotor Go - The Most Portable Personal Vehicle EVER

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Immotor Go

The Most Portable Personal Vehicle EVER



Hunter's comment

HI hunters.
There are many transport Scooters available in the market,but are bigger then the size But Immotor Go Is exactly the size of skateboard, Immotor Go Scooters is an electric scooter that has lot of feature and luxury to give you premium experience. It has maximum speed of 20m/h to give you easy and peaceful ride.
It has three wheels For your Safety. It comes with powerful battery that runs for 20 miles at one charge. The amazing thing it is fold able, and easy to carry Everywhere you go.

You can get it in just 399$.

Watch the video for more info.



Hunter: @hairy

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It is very nice to present a beautiful bicycle product to us. It is really great that this hand and your product has made it easy for us to have new technology, seeing this bike is a thank you thank you so much for a nice hunting

The Super Battery is very cool. Price is reasonable. Any idea how many charges this batter will take?

This is super cute! I wanna use this also when going to work and the price is not bad at all! Congrats! Awesome hunt!

Wow. Ever since I want to have a scooter and I think this is one of the perfect upgraded scooter as of today :)

It looks so cool, it would be very suitable for the city I live. Thanks for sharing. Great hunt.


  • 20 Miles in one charge.
  • Elegant Design.
  • Easy to travel on.
  • Accurate size.


Not found any.

Cool hunt mate.

20 m/ h is enough for short rides, like if your office is near and you don't want to go on buses or rickshaws, this Portable is best for you, it can save you a lot of money, 20 m in charge is a good range.

  • Pros.


Normal Speed.

Powerful battery.

Fold able.

  • Cons.
    No one.

It should be perfect to get on it and 399 $ is quite affordable for it. Thanks for sharing. Great hunt @hairy.


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