Festo Freemotionhandling Drone - Flying Drone Balloon Can Move Stuff Around Autonomously

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Festo Freemotionhandling Drone

Flying Drone Balloon Can Move Stuff Around Autonomously



Hunter's comment

Today I'm here to introduce a little bit different Drone Technology, it's a balloon Drone who can transfer thing around, It has a gripper that Grip the Things in it and When it reaches the Destination, It releases it's grip to Drop or Deliver the Product. The company Said this drone will be Very useful for work places, where you need to move some little object from one place to another.

it combines two common robot functions in one, turning out an automaton that can pick up objects from one location and drop them off at another spot. the robot uses a GPS-based indoor tracking system and two onboard cameras to sense its exact position and the location of any object it’s tasked to pick up, reacting to the environment and planning flight routes all by its lonesome.




Hunter: @hairy


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Festo Freemotionhanding Drone is an innovative kind of drone and with this feature, it is different from the others. Great hunt.


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This is an extremely innovative drone with a design that I have never seen before. I find it very useful to be able to transport certain kinds of things very easily with this gadget. What worries me a little is how resistant the balloon is, however, if the material is strong enough, this is undoubtedly a very practical drone.

Great hunt.

Cool hunt Mate.

The only thing is bothering me is the Size of this balloon, It should be smarter than that, But Over all, it is a Very useful Drone that we can use in Work sites, Where it is needed to move small things from one place to another.

I really like this type of gadget that takes as an initiative a product already known as drones and give it an unexpected twist, this is undoubtedly a product with a design and a very innovative functionality that in the long run can become something really useful.

Good job

It is great to see different kinds of drones with different features, like transfering thing around, and as the company said Festo Freemotionhandling Drone will be successful at work places for delivering.

Hunt looks really cool and innovative. I would suggest to put a bit more effort on your reviews,. Cheers bro.

I think this drone is very good, this drone can help people move things around, I just saw a drone that has a function to help humans. thank you for your great hunt


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