Somax Power Hip Trainer - Exercise unit that increases hip rotation speed for Golf

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Somax Power Hip Trainer

Exercise unit that increases hip rotation speed for Golf



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I'm a golf nut! The swing speed is correlated to the rotation speed of the hips. The Somax Power Hip Trainer is designed to induce resistance either to the right or left turns. This product has added 25 to 30 yards to my drives. Here is a video that summarizes how it is used:



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whoa. that's pretty awesome tech.

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I just learned something new about pro golf training - the importance of hip rotation. I wonder if training with somax would apply to other sports like baseball, tennis or boxing where training your hips could be beneficial as well.

Great product! It will help amateurs play better.. it would be interesting to know a detail opinion of a pro

I once dreamed of learning to play golf. On the computer, I well scored balls in the hole)) But, unfortunately, in our region there were no golf courses. Excellent device. It is rather difficult to develop, independently, such movement of the femoral joint. I tried to repeat it and the joint did not allow me to do it))

Yeah, as I get older, the more creaky joints I get and more difficult it is to play. But walking 18 holes is a very good exercise too.

I did not manage to try to play golf on the field. My sports were climbing, orienteering, hiking, shooting. I used to run a lot. I can make a company in the game Russian billiards and table tennis. But, in tennis it is already hard to play. At the beginning of this month I tried and quickly got tired, it was hard to breathe. I'm too heavy for jumping, but, I still remember how to keep a tennis racket))) But, my favorite movie, this Tin Cup.
I dreamed of learning how to play.
A good tool for warming up the joints, this is a simple paraffin. At one time I was very helped.

Interesting sport, and good machine, thank you for the information.

Interesting sport,
And good machine, thank you for
The information.

                 - luisjls

I'm a bot. I detect haiku.

Really it is awesome. It will give the golfer more advantage.

Hip training is very important for people. The tool you posted is awesome. Stunning post.

very good tips for sports man like me playing cricket,

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