Quantlet - Photobiomodulation for Health & Exercise

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Photobiomodulation for Health & Exercise



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The Quantlet is a wrist wearable module and light frequencies are preprogrammed via the App to deliver according to therapeutic protocols. The ulnar and radial arteries are targeted to absorb the light frequencies and since Red Blood Cells (RBCs) are wide spectrum photo absorbers, they deliver the light systemicaly. It's pretty cool! My workouts allow a 20% or more greater endurance as well as 20 lbs more lifts for weights. Before an 18 hole round, I use the Workout protocol to gain greater stamina to carry the bag and walk the course.




Hunter: @haejin


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You got my 100%. This is a great hunt @haejin! I have been in pain with my wrist for a couple of months now because of too much spending time with computer typing. I wish to see this on the market readily available at an affordable price.


Yeah, it's a bit pricey. The Quantlet is $750 but having used it for a year now, it's quite sturdy and works for me quite well.

Now it doesn't work for the wrist pain as you described. I have similar issues on my wrist but use magnets for about 5 minutes but only once or twice a week. Use the magnets before bed for a few minutes. Or, red light therapy on the wrist for 20 minutes. I often use both.


Thanks for the positive reply. Thanks for the additional helpful tips. That seem so overwhelming. Overall, it's a great hunt @haejin.

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What? I checked the site you linked and nothing is word for word! What plagiarism? I have and own the product and have used it for a year now!


Hi @haejin,
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The edits on Steemit don’t get reflected on steemhunt...got it.


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Got it. I thought changes on Steemit will also be reflected on steemhunt post. thanks!

you can not rescue much of this article but I will try to rescue something

Yes, The Quantlet is the very 1st wearable device that just might stand a'chance to biohack the body into a state of health! However, Welcome at #steemhunt & appreciated your first hunt...So don't to visit first hunt & suggest me how can i improve my hunt "thank you" https://steemit.com/steemhunt/@pranto/bo-peep-album-recording-american-music-icon-producer-lee-popa-will-record-with-bo-pe

In the field of medicine, everything must have a scientific character, we should wait for it to be studied through trials and see its beneficial and adverse effects, and thus achieve approval.

Nice new informative post. Yes i agree with you Quantlet is the latest device for health.

I really like this, I think you did a good hunt

Very interesting invention! It is interesting in what spectrum it works. I want to propose an addition to this device, which will complement the health effect. It is possible to envisage, during the operation of this device, evaporation of essential oils of various medicinal plants according to the patient's choice, depending on his state of health. For some cases, the effect will be soothing, for others, it will be invigorating. With colds, a person will inhale those evaporation oils that facilitate breathing. And so on. Thus, complex therapy will be obtained.

I know NASA has been doing research on how certain light frequencies affect the body but this looks like the kind of pseudoscience thing a marketing team will slap the word "quantum" on to help promote the user's placebo effect.

The linked website thequantlet.com itself states, "The Quantlet is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease and has not been examined by the FDA or other regulatory agencies..." All of the claims about this device are based on anecdotal evidence as far as I can tell.