Brock 360 - Circular Keyboard To Evolve Your Performance & Music Fantasy

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Brock 360

Circular Keyboard To Evolve Your Performance & Music Fantasy



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Hunter's comment

Brock 360 is a piano arc that is specially BV designed for on-stage musical power and excitement among other options for top tier performance.


Easy USB connection
Quick/Convenient Setup
Additional Performance Control
One touch control of MIDI Zones
LED/Light Show control
Section “aware”
Charging ports



Hunter: @golddeejay

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  • Circular shape.
  • USB Connection.
  • One touch control.
  • Additional performance control.


  • Non.

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Great hunt @golddeejay!

That looks a little bit crazy, and hard to play. Imagine you need to tap a clap right behind you fast and you need to rotate exactly where it is, that sounds hard.

Ok this is something worth mantioning. I hope it will make piano artists even more creative then they are now. I haven't seen anything like at all nice huh t man.

Cool hunt mate.

  • Easy usb connection.
  • LED show control
  • Quick setup.
  • Multiple ports.


  • nops.


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