HODL Earth - It's Your World!

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HODL Earth

It's Your World!



Hunter's comment

Lately there are more and more games on the blockchain specially on the Ethereum one. In this game you can buy, hodl and trade plots of land across virtual Earth and then share transaction fee income from plot sales.
It is a platform for further development in the shape of games where developers can extend the functionality by layering game extensions on the HODL Earth dApp framework.
The plots cost 0.001 ETH and what can be more fun then building your own Earth empire!




Hunter: @georgemales


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Awesome hunt ! Your hunt is now verified.

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Hi @georgemales,
This seems cool. Yeah right what do you said, I also saw seeing more the games on the Ethereum blockchain.

Thanks for always your share the great hunt in steemhunt. I already looking forward to your next hunt :)

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This sounds pretty cool although I'll admit, Steem has spoiled me somewhat so I feel like there shouldn't be any transaction fees.

Investing in cryptocurrencies is the business of the year, this platform allows you to earn ETH, in an easy and fun way. Good hunting

awesome hunt, however, the price of ethereum is also good and by this game everyone can make some fun and earn also ? right ?

I like playing games on the blockchain especially ethereum based ones. 0.001 Eth is affordable for plots, so lets play Hodl Earth. Great hunt.

Last days I see more and more blockchain games and you can even make money with playing it. Ethereum is a well known and trustable cryptocoin so it makes this game more interesting.

Lol. Well, this was first intriguing by the title. Way to Capture every crypto nerds attention, it is definitely a game I would like to try..Hold Mother Earth for Sure.

Hodl Earth is a great game based Blockchain. Sure I will buy plots there. Thanks for sharing.

I think this game is very cool, besides we can enjoy adventure games we will also get crypto bonuses that will make our wallets contain