Twinz Chopsticks - An eco-friendly, re-usable and bacterial-resistant chopstick

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Twinz Chopsticks

An eco-friendly, re-usable and bacterial-resistant chopstick



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Hunter's comment

I have never been to a Chinese restaurant nor used a chopstick before. I am not even sure I know how to use one, unless such ability is intrinsic. However, I can not but dig out this amazing chopstick. One cannot but wonder what can make a chopstick so interesting.

First of all, the chopstick is eco-friendly based on the fact that it is made of titanium and re-usable. Hence, the traditional method of disposing wooden chopsticks after use (which leads to deforestation because supplies constantly need replenished) does not apply. In addition, the product is bacterial resistant simply because titanum is non-porous, non-sticky and has anti-pathogenic properties.

Finally, the product is recyclable, sustainable, strong and non-cumbersome to carry around with its customized pouch which is available in different colour. The era of chop, dispose, go into the forest and make another set of chopstick has come to an end.

Product is available for pledging and pre-ordering.



Hunter: @gentleshaid

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Hi @gentleshaid,

Thanks for your hunt. I’ve reviewed it but before I can approve it, can you please update the product name to Twinz Chopsticks (with S at the end, it’s more than one)?

Let me know via a comment reply when you’ve made requested change.

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Thank you for reviewing my hunt @fknmayhem, I have effected the said correction.


Thanks, approved.

Save on the environment since chopsticks normally are thrown away.

Great hunt.


thank you Gattino

Nice find! Things like this make me want to carry it around and eat everything with chopsticks. chips, vegetables, pizza... soup!


Thank you. I am already wishing I know how to use chopsticks :)