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Spaceti Smart Stones

Make Your Property Digital



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Spaceti is a smart system aims to increase the productivity and well-being of organizations and facilities. This smart system can be installed in a commercial and residential building. It provides smart sensors, modules, data analytics and mobile apps to manage the system.

Among the components that make the system work are sensors called Smart Stones. They offer 5 different smart stones that are designed for a specific purpose. They can be used in various combination and configurations depending on the needs of the building.

Spaceti Smart Stones:

  • Location Smart Stone - uses an indoor positioning system to monitor location of assets.
  • Wellbeing Smart Stone - monitors CO2, temperature, and humidity of space/room.
  • Occupancy Smart Stone - tracks vacancy of assets like chairs or workspace.
  • Presence Smart Stone - shows if rooms are empty or available.
  • Parking Gem - monitors occupancy of parking spaces.

All of these sensors combined with Spaceti apps help the improve efficiency.


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Nice hunt by hunter @geekgirl, this app helps in productivity and well being of the organization, it installed in commercial and business environment, it's also be use in various combination and configuration depending on the needs of the building. Once again thank you so much for this wonderful information given.

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