Hikari SQ - Ultra-thin LED light source

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Hikari SQ

Ultra-think LED light sources


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Hikari SQ is lighting component that is developed by Lightly Technologies for decorative and architectural use. Who doesn't like lights? These ultra-thin panels emit pleasant light and can be used in decorating offices, homes, an more. Among their products and kits the one I find interesting is a Hikari SQ Developer Kit. Using this kit would decorators can explore their imaginations experiment with their creative designs.

Hikari SQ emits a uniform surface of low-glare, CRI 90 light that requires no additional heat sink or optics and is fully controllable using standard LED drivers.

It is an interesting technology and can serve as a useful tool/resource for decorators, architects, and hobbyist in creating cool designs. In their website they have examples of uses and locations to get inspiration and borrow ideas for new designs.

Light up your work or home spaces with Hikari SQ with creative awesome designs. Please visit their website for more information.




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i have passed this but can you fix the spelling mistake in the sub-title please from think to thick please. thanks!


remember to hunt really your best finds on the web, we want the site to be fully of quality awesome products that people will love!

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Thank you @teamhumble. Fixed it.


no worries.

This is a perfect hunt by @geekgirl, it will be of use to those people dealings with light especially the artists, it serves as a proper tools to various companies that deal with light. It also provide adequate design in home and office. I love your dealings @geekgirl the sky is your starting point.

Good hunt dear @geekgirl thanks for going for the hunt.

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Thank you.

I love loads of lights around as it helps open up the spaces around you. I have seen similar panels using LED technology and I know their is an app that can change the color of the led as well. I am sure interior designers will love this product and many homes will be modernized with these extra light sources in the future.


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