PocketLab Voyager - Everything in a science lab: it fits in the palm of your ha

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PocketLab Voyager

Everything in a science lab: it fits in the palm of your ha



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Hunter's comment

PocketLab Voyager is an all-in-one science lab that is capable enough for a professional engineer and simple enough for a 4th grader. Voyager can measure movement, light, magnetic field and weather, and can connect an external temperature probe.




Hunter: @francisco2351


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Great Hunt!


Looks like an quite cool and unique gadget. With that many sensors in just this little device there are literally no limitations for you to explore. I also see this used in classrooms or on field trips.

Keep on the good work!

The product is very small and easy to carry. Although it is small, it has a lot of functions that can carry out a lot of different experients. It is very useful for science lovers to do some experiences outdoors.

I don't know exactly what I would want to use it on but this is one of the few devices that I immediately wanted to have just because it is so cool what it POTENTIALLY could do for me.


pretty epic. a small little world that is portable. maybe water proof too? this could be fire! earth and wind too!

cool devices )

  • are full of cool features (sensors ...);
  • are lightweight devices which is important for scientists who travel;
  • Three-Year Limited Warranty;
  • there are very informative User Guides/Manuals, its own forum and community for discussion;

wow, is this waterproof? that would make is so good for everything i do. I love the water. we should share these with otheers.

it's pretty cool :)
Please edit the short description: " palm of your ha" => hands maybe?

I'm going to tell you something, you don't answer or answer and I don't care all your steempower, what you do monopolizes steemhunt you and your cronies, they are wrong in their strategy, they will be programmers, but marketing know nothing, I expect answer I won't wait 30 days in black list, I will have to write an open letter or several and I assure you that we will see a lot of discontent.


  • a very unique and powerful all-in-one science lab

  • can measure motion, light, magnetic field and weather, and can connect external temperature probe.

  • easy to carry and comfortable in use


  • none

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