Yoomi self-warming bottle - Smart baby feeding bottle that warms baby food in 60 seconds

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Yoomi self-warming bottle

Smart baby feeding bottle that warms baby food in 60 seconds



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Hunter's comment

When your baby is hungary, its time to serve them food without delay. Getting breast milk and formula warmed from the fridge is a big problem for new mums, especially when they are out of the house.
Yoomi self-warming bottle is a revolution in baby food preparation. It gets the formular or breast milk warmed to the appropriate temperatures in 60 seconds even if you just got it off the fridge.
Warming baby food like we do traditionally can damage the food since the temperature is not controlled.
Yoomi self-warming bottle has a controlled element that ensures the milk is not over-warmed, thereby maintaining the nutrients the baby needs.

Main Features

Quick: ready in 60 seconds
Portable: use anytime, anyplace
Safe: never overheat the milk again
Natural: warms to breastmilk temperature
Healthy: protects the essential nutrients
Hygienic: prevents rapid bacterial growth

See how it works in this video!




Hunter: @focusnow


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Nice hunt @focusnow!

The 'Yoomi' self warming, babies milk bottle will be a must for a lot of mums and dads with it's ability to warm up natural breast milk or formula in just 60 seconds.

it is an absolutely marvelous thing as when babies are hungry, they want it as quickly as possible.

Gone are the days of microwaving which, deteriorates the nutrients in the food and gone also, are the the day's of waiting forever for the milk to warm up in a jug of hot water.

I feel that this product will be a great success and will be welcomed by most new families in the future.

I just wish this was invented when my child was born.

All in all, this is well thought out invention that should do very well.


  • Ready in 1 minute
  • Formula for not over warmed
  • Self warming bottle


  • NONE

A nice product for those who have a baby. designed to provide fast nutrition for children. With beautiful colors as your design. Thanks for sharing.

I like the fact that this feeding bottle warms baby food really fast. You understand that cold food could be very bad for them.
Thanks for sharing this hunt with us


Thanks too for loving it.