X-Jets Jetblade Scorpion - Because that Jetpack Still Isn’t Happening

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X-Jets Jetblade Scorpion

Because that Jetpack Still Isn’t Happening



Hunter's comment

Let’s be honest for a second here: we all want a jetpack. Fact.

But could we even fly it? Would we even dare to fly it?

How about some less dangerous practice first?

I present X-Jets Scorpion Jetblades.

Hydro flight, the low key entry to jet packs. And the accessible entry too. Cheaper than a watch even.

Don’t have a lake in your backyard?

Worry not, just fly to the Maldives and have a go.

What is it?

It’s a frame, a carbon frame, which can be propelled in the air with water pressure. Best of all, it fits with all common wakeboard bindings and boots.

Because you have those, right?

Starting at $2,499 for the n00b kit, $3,995 for the specialists only Scorpion Jetblades.

That’s without boots, binding, and hose btw. Still cheaper than a watch




Hunter: @fknmayhem


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Watched the video you added as well as the one on the site and this is pretty awesome. I think you've nailed it with your comments on the pricing, although it will still set you back a few bucks, they don't price it completely out of question, especially when you consider the amount of fun this would be.


Plus it’s rather easy to rent out. Alright, not the Scorpion since it’s for advanced jetbladers, but the entry model would find many who want to try for few bucks.

Wow, this looks really fun. If I ride this, I can feel the air for a while. But I'm afraid I don't know how to swim. Anyway, thank you for introducing me to a special item.

This looks like a whole lot of fun. Seeing more and more of these on the market now, my guess is that they are becoming more suitable for the 'layman' to use. Price looks reasonable as well. The social credit you would gain from owning one of these would be well worth the price


This looks like “Can I? Can I, please? Now? NOOOWWW??? how about now?” :D

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  • Hydro Flight
  • Accessible Entry.
  • Carbon Frame
  • Amazing to look


NOt so cheap.


If i use it one day, i'll definetly hurt myself :) I think it's like an extreme sport and need courage to use that jetblade...

Great hunt! It's really nice. I think many movie scenes could come true with it. I'd like to ride it and it must be exiting. Thank you for sharing a impressive product.

Excellent hunt


For this we need will power
Very Innovative
Using this we fly above the see


For cool innovation products feel free to cheak my blog

Wow that was fun to watch... Those flips look really dangerous though... Nope nope nope, gonna stay away from that one haha...


Did you see the video on the website?


No! Wow.... Amazing...

I love it, but a little bit risky for my 58 years old.. Thanks for great hunt.. Keep the good work.

Unbelievable! It's both very tempting and very scary, like all good things, I guess. I don't know if I'd buy, but sure want to try it.

I think this product is very cool, because I can roam freely on the water. I will feel flying with a jet that I will control, this is extraordinary

It is a very cool and exciting product. I can fly above the sea with this device. It is very interesting to play with. However, the product is very expensive for me.

Pros and Cons
-Perfect thing for the summer time
-Who doesn't like water sports during the summer time?

-Battery life is a little short, and hell yea its expensive


What battery life???

It’s water powered. 🤦‍♂️

Impressive Hunt. It is a cool hunt. It is very amazing but it is also dangerous for a new user, It design is soo cool.

I would want this for summer, but its soooo expensive, can anyone lend me this for fun? thank you very much for your hunt~


You may or may not also need a jet ski. :D

This looks dangerous and bad for the sea environment but also like a lot of fun. I would love to test this but I wonder how much that effects the sea life.


Just stay 150-200 yards at least away from reefs and should be fine. I can imagine this becoming a thing at night in more dangerous areas like the rocks below the cliff in Biarritz. At night because jet skis aren’t allowed there normally.

@fknmayhem this jetpack looks really fun and cool for water sport activities. Flying in the air, and I hope it can land smoothly on the water again. Cool hunt! Very innovative.


Not so sure about that smooth landing. Swim vest is definitely recommended until one gets full control of the (water) throttle.


  • Is light.
  • Made with carbon fiber plates.
  • Allows the user an ultra-flat mounting.
  • Ultralight rigidity.


  • Any

This looks really cool but why do I think you need to buy a water jetski as well to use it... No prob if you have the cash:)


Not if you already have a boat. :D


  • unique and sophisticated

  • very great

  • hydro flight, low key entry to jet package.


  • none

It was very good to learn how to handle one of these as we would feel the adrenaline and the power of flying

This jet looks really fun and exciting. But I'm afraid I'll suddenly drop into the sea, because I don't know how to swim. Anyway, this hunt is awesome!

This is a wonderful product, I'm fallen in love with it.I would love to ride it, though it is costly but I will purchase it in the future when i could afford it.

I have seen this jet before, but I have not had the opportunity to use one. It must be extraordinary and very fun.

Loves to try this games. I'd see this kinda games in TV and woow...


  • It is really cool
  • It is environmentally friendly and will not waste water
  • It can fly high in air!!!
  • It is a bit expensive

Great Hun

i love this kind of product

But these are very expensive and risky too

holy molly ,, this is so awesomeeeeee.

These are a ton of fun. I had the opportunity to use a similar type of thing back in 2013. It was a blast.



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