Breaze Mask - The Futuristic Anti-Pollution Mask

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Breaze Mask

The Futuristic Anti-Pollution Mask





Hunter's comment

Breaze your daily fresh air.

When breathing can be a luxury. Breaze Mask can even captures very small particles that jeopardize our daily life from the bacteria we get.

Key Features

  • Comfortable to breathe
  • Doesn't generate moisture
  • With Micro USB recharging
  • Innovative design, smart fan and efficiently filters pm2.5
  • Adjustable to your liking
  • Experienced a maximum comfort

PRICE : $831



Hunter: @fernwehninja

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Great hunt @fernwehninja! This hunt has been verified and approved by the Steemhunt Moderation Team. Great job! Happy hunting.


I greatly appreciate , thank you for the approval @urbangladiator ;)


Hi @fernwehninja , hear out my reviews for this weird tech you hunt! (Also dont forget to upvote when commenting a review Maam!)


  • It filters away the bad air
  • It is very comfortable and the air you take in and out, does not give any moisture at all!
  • It is also rechargeable


  • Expensive for a Mask like this. With that price I can buy almost another new camera for this haha.

Rating this Hunt 3/5

anti moisture deters bacteria and germs
adjustable so it's comfortable if you must wear it for extended periods of time
multiple filters for quality air control

I do not see any cons for the product.


  • protects and kills germs and bacteria
  • comfy
  • rechargeable
  • keeps you healthy
  • very expensive

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