Smart PAD - The KUKA smart Pad operating complex of tasks easily

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Smart PAD

The KUKA smart Pad operating complex of tasks easily


KUKA smartPAD   KUKA AG.png

Hunter's comment

Due to Kuka Smart pad disign to make complax task very easly and the main feature is its work universally and is easy to operate, even for un experienced users who are not fimilier already with it .

Facts and figures of Kuka Smart pad

Display screen : industrial touch display
Display size of screen :8.4
Dimensions of Smart pad :240 x 290 x 50 mm
Smart pad Weight:1100 gram

Kuka Smart pad specially design to operate complex tasks very easily

Advantages of the KUKA smart Pad

Anti reflection touch display
Ergonomic design
Universally applicable
6D mouse
Eight jog keys



Hunter: @farihelper

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WOW this robotic arm is really nice design.
I think it will be very useful for manufacturing companies.
Cheeta already answered, beware of plagarism