Magic lasso adblocker - An adblocker for your iOS device

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Magic lasso adblocker

An adblocker for your iOS device



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Hunter's comment

Magic lasso adblocker will help you keep off all the annoying ads that make your iOS device congested. I guess you also will hate to see ads always popping up every now and then while you browse, make call, or even operating your favourite application, with this adblock it gibe your device freedom from ads and make the device more efficient as ads are known to slow down the device and makes it kind of annoying
Now with lasso ads blocker you get:

  • 20% speed increase while loading your pages.
  • 10% data saving
  • And increased battery life on you device
  • Less tracking from third party application
  • Cleaner surfing activities experience

Other pros:

  • Its free
  • The size is not too large just 14.9mb
  • It is easy to use and install

So next time you see those annoying ads on your device you should know you recommend Magic lasso adblock.



Hunter: @falopey

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This will help prevent those annoying ads that make our data get exhausted without our permission. It will also help safe our battery too ..

wonderful hunt here

Great hunt! I absolute hate ads especially because they get more and more annyoing everyday with pop up videos and lost of pictures. So blocking them is great and also saves you a lot of data while speeding up the loading of pages at the same time. I will definitely use this!


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