Satellite™ 300 Lumen - Rechargeable Work Light

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Satellite™ 300 Lumen

Rechargeable Work Light



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Hunter's comment

Charging Lights are the Things That we need In every situation of life, Like if we want to find something from the store, which don't have light supply, we may need the charge light, and if you want Do some Down work of your car, To go below you need charging light, If you car Stops on the way, To be what happens you need charge light, So today I bring to you a wonderful Charging light, It's Satellite™ 300 Lumen . It consists of 18 ultra-bright LEDs spread across four sections of the device and It also has three arms That opens to Widen the light. It provide up to 300 lumens of brightness. It has the Usb Port For charging,

  • It's battery can hold Charging Up-to 12 months.
  • It has a hook to hang it.

You can get it in just 39.99$



Hunter: @faizan-ashraf

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Unfortunately we had this experience (work at our car at night) before, I wish we had Satellite 300 Lumen, we really need a light to fix it. Great hunt.


Ultra bright LED lights;
Reaches Up to 300 lumens;
3 folding area light panels with 18 ultra bright LEDs;
Up to 6 hours or runtime;
Lithium Ion Battery stays charged for up to 12 months;
1 Amp USB Port to power and charge personal electronic devices;
Magnetic base to hold light on metal surfaces;
5 Modes: High / Low / Area / All / Flash.


  • USB Rechargeable.
  • 12 Month Storage.
  • 300 lumens of brightness
  • Affordable.


Not found any.


Cheap price.
Hook to hang.
18 ultra-bright LEDs.
Power of 300 lumens of brightness.



Rechargeable Work Light may be very important suddenly. With its features Satellite 300 Lumen is quite good. Great hunt.

  • Pros.

Huge amount of Brightness.

18 LED's.

Powerful Battery.

Not expensive.

  • Cons.

No one.

Looks like a very cool product in just 39 $, It amazing that it's battery can be last this much long, 12 month is a big time, and I have never someone claim this much long time, Only time will tell.

Charging Lights are very important people in the way of life. Its charging capacity is very good. It is Satellite ™ 300 Lumen, which spreads to 4 devices in 18 devices. It is very beautiful hunter.

This is really cool because non of us can work without light. It's certainly very important to everyone. Thanks for the hunt. It's really cool.


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