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World's Smartest Football - Soccer Ball



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Foot ball is the most watched play in the world and it's really hard working play too! Football players have to do extra care to remain fit and to make their game level up. To solve this hard work Insidecoach Comes with an amazing foot ball, which is smart and Analyze your performance. It can detect motion,

records force of impact, spin, position, trajectory, number of ball passes, number of ball touches, play time, and reports directly to your mobile device in real time, making it your own personal coach on the field.

  • 2 Hours Play timing.
  • Qi wireless recharging base.
  • WiFi enabled
  • Machine stitched

You can get it in just $99.



Hunter: @faizan-ashraf

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Hi @faizan-ashraf,

Thanks for yet another hunt. Because the project has ended already and there is an actual website available, could you please change the product link for the website:

The order of the links in the posting guidelines section 3 is in order of priority.

Let me know via a comment reply when you’ve made requested change so I can approve your hunt.


@fknmayhem so now my hunt is approved?


Yes. Otherwise I wouldn’t thank you for the edit.

In fact, because it was a minor detail I even didn’t put it in ‘pending edit’ status but left the hunt visible. :)


@fknmayhem That's so kind of you, and that is the reason you are my favorite mod.


Despite that “one typo”?

If it’s a minor detail and the hunt is valid, I regularly let them stay visible. Especially if itsnkerely a request of mine but nothing which could technically be enforced.

IMHO it is important that we help the community become better hunters rather than impede their experience. As long as the hunt looks good in the rankings that should be possible leniency, but it’s a personal approach of mine.

But, obviously, consistently lazy and/or difficult hunters may not benefit that leniency. :)


  • Long battery timing.
  • Track your progress.
  • Self Trainer.
  • Wifi Enabled.


  • Not found any.

I find This fascinating been a football lover and player. Getting stats from this inside coach can help real coaches and players anlayze performances and improve on team performance by making necessary changes, especially in areas where the statistics are not good enough.

Great job @faizan-ashraf.

You Killed This, Now Recoil!

Smart Soccer Ball is a great product to analyze the performance, and it is also wonderful that it can detect motion. Perfect hunt.

I imagine the amount of football skills and overall development that can be garnered by using this device and it is even less expensive compared to the benefits that's to be derived from this. Bravo on this hunt!


Powerful battery.
wireless recharging base.
Wifi Enabled.
Price is affordable.



I really need InsideCoach, I am really a bad football player, hahaha. Thanks for sharing.


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Inside Coach will be a perfect gift for my son who loves soccer so much. Thanks for sharing. Great hunt.