Costume - Blockchain Based Play-to-Earn Video Game Revolution

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Blockchain Based Play-to-Earn Video Game Revolution



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Costume is a video game that let you win prize while playing it, it is a Based MMO Video-Game with a Self-Sustaining Economic Loop!

The higher your, the more you earn. as it is a block chain game, you no need worry about your data, blocks are there to protect your data.

The graphics are just our of this world, you can see it from the picture i uploaded.


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Blockchain makes people both enjoy and earn money. It really brought great power to the internet.


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From the graphic i think it's still cool enough even it's 2D. But since it's based on blockchain, it will worthy if we can build our skill, weapons, etc there. So, while we are playing, we are investing.

I am just mad about blockchain and game based on the blockchain, Technologies like VR and blockchain are there to stay for a very long long time, though we are struggling a bit, Everything that that starts from zero had to pass through a hard time and this is our hard time, but slowly big companies are adopting blockchain technology and games are being developed on blockchain,which provides ultimate security to users data. I would love to play this game @fazizan-ashraf

Blockchain technology, which attracted much attention from both investors and developers since the peak of Bitcoin, is now used in many areas. We all love to play in our free time, but there is no income for the time we spend playing games, right? Therefore, the founder of this game offers us an income according to the points you get in the game. I found the game to be pleasant to play, and I can say that this game is similar to the Mario game we play in our childhood. We are able to earn points by overcoming the wild animals.


  • Daily leaderboards and monthly tournaments will fuel continuous engagement and interest.
  • Asset Exchange
  • The marketplace will be where everyone could pick up their favorite Costume merchandise
  • Digital Wallet

Costume Video Review :


You have played this game lol ? Really?

It is fun to earn reward while playing games. Thanks to blockchain technology which offers reward on playing games. Game is the source of entertainment for a lot of people. It is indeed awesome thing to get reward while enjoying game. Great hunt

A blockchain technology game that lots of awesome adventures that you can experience through playing it and earn crypto coins along the way. I would like to try this game one of these days if i have a laptop.

Games that based on block chain has become more and more popular these days and a Steemoster is a good example for that. This is a play-to-earn video game that will allow the player to earn some money while enjoying the game play. It seem to be a good project with a great vision for future.
Nice hunt

Blockchain technology is getting pretty awesome from developers and creating games where you can earn cryto with points is pretty cool as well! It looks ewsy enough to play and fun! I will be checking out this cool hunt further for sure! upped!🙋😎🎮


  • Fun and earn together.
  • Awesome graphics.
  • Secure and safe
  • Block chain technology.


  • non.

A great play where blockchain based earning while playing.
The resolution is quite enough to play. The data saving surity is well, just because of blockchain.

it is a Based MMO Video-Game with a Self-Sustaining Economic Loop!

Great hunt.

WOW Blockchain Games Presented to You Certainly very nice and a big thing is that if we play this game then we can earn from here. It is a big thing and of course this will be a lot of people. I will definitely try to get these games very good for you. Thanks to the game I have seen the profile thank you so much about presenting a product of this game to us

Play-to-Earn Blockchain Based MMO sounds just perfect, I believe gaming on the blockchain will be a great bridge to bring the masses into blockchain and crypto world. game concept sounds cool will check it out further further, Thank you for a great hunt!


  1. Blockchain basefd game.
  2. Play and earn.
  3. Increse earning while playing.
  4. Monthly tournaments
  5. Daily challenges.
  6. Your wallet is digital.



They only raised $75 and .7 eth from their crowed sale lol 😂 I don’t see a link to download the game on the website either.

Though dip phase of crypto market is prolonging and that's frustrating. However, if someone is in it for longterm, s/he will take this phase as an opportunity to accumulate different coins at a very low price. For gamers in particular, games like Costume is a great way to earn crypto. Thanks for sharing.

This is fun, it looks like MapleStory. But in maplestory, you dont play to win but instead PAY TO WIN. I dont get it why they use Blockchain tech based from your own comment.

block chain game, you no need worry about your data, blocks are there to protect your data.

I thought blockchain is transparent?

I believe they implement blockchain tech on their own currency, not data?

wow amazing game with outclass graphics awesome and from its name i didn't get it could be a game lol i thought it is something about clothes like that hehe when i checked and i found it as game :p blockchain based games are indeed cool with high graphics and would you like to tell me rewards like what kind of?

I am a huge fan of games built on top of the blockchain. This one has beautiful graphics.

Are you currently playing it or just hunted?


I don’t see any links to download or play on their website. It’s prob not real.

I liked this game and we got a lot of benefits from it. This game's graphics are very good. I love a game. It's very much like this for me. It's a great game for lovers of all games.

The biggest advantage of this is

  • It is possible to earn from here

  • Playing games from here can be a lot of fun

  • Your leisure time is a great to spend

Something to do in a spare moment!

Nice and perfect for Gamers and the way it is built in Blockchain could really be an efficient way to stay secure of about the data as well. While liked the idea of earning and playing is indeed pretty cool which made it even more enthusiast to play the game. Nice hunt.

blockchain technology is rising now a day its easy to make money online with simple tasks its fun to make money by playing games.

amazing costume game! As it's helping by playing to earn .It will surely revolutionary idea.Its with blockchain system so investor will show interest in this project.Also data will be safe so no need to worry about privacy with world class graphics.
Good Hunt.

Most of us have this habit to play games anonymously.In that case we just spend our time.
But in the following case you will earn for gaming and if you score is rich, your earning will be rich.
So I am very interested about this block chain based gaming platform.

Now a days Blockchain tetechnology creating lot of games base project, which is helping people those who want to earn without investment. I am also those kind of person. I will try to play this games to earn free crypto.

gaming on the blockchain is the future! this game sound promising, thank you for the hunt

This block chain graphics are just owasum of this world, I can see it from the picture Play time to this Video Game.We knows it is a popular game this game developer creativity is good.I also love this video game playing long time.This game playing we can earn crypto carency and which provides ultimate security to users data.So i will recommended other person to play this game.

Playing to earn sounds really cool to me.
I am a game lover too.
Thanks for sharing this hunt with us all


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