CableRobot Simulator - Next Generation Motion Simulation

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CableRobot Simulator

Next Generation Motion Simulation



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We have seen human make hamster balls, treadmills, and tilting chairs to Stimulate during VR video Experience, but They work on certain Degree motion, But if you want to go For free motion, I have something for you, CableRobot Simulator that can VR cage that can literally fling you across the room.. It is built by Fraunhofer and the Max Planck Institute's Biological Cybernetics group. It is held by Eight Cables that can.

that can move it in place, lift it up into the air, or send it hurling to any place in the room, ensuring you can simulate a whole load of movements, from a motorcycle banking on a corner to a ship launching out of a space station to a race car turn-turtling in the middle of the tracks.

Don't forget to watch the Video for more information.



Hunter: @faizan-ashraf

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  • Pros.

End and pro motion.

Good VR Experience.

Move in all direction.

Support by 8 cables.

  • Cons.

no one.


  • Motion Free.
  • Ultimate Experience.
  • 8 Cables.
  • 6 Dimensional.


  • Not found any.

I watched the video and it should be amazing to have flight simulation or driving simulation experience with Cable Robot Simulator. Awesome hunt.


  • It has eight powerful winches, cables, and a 80 kg lightweight carbon fibre frame that allow a payloads up to 500kg and accelerations of 1.5g.
  • It simulator cabin has a diameter of 2.6m that provides enough space for on-board instrumentation and projection screens as well as two seats for passengers.
  • It is equipped with a head mounted display and optical head tracking systems and spherical projection screens for the most realistic user experience.
  • It has a hot plug mobile power supply and wireless data transmission which allow a continuous operation.

Great hunt 👍👍


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