Bit Bar - A Pocket ScrewDrive

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Bit Bar

A Pocket ScrewDrive



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Hunter's comment

Hi hunter and my #steemhunt Family, I'm posting after 13 days, and I hope you all will like this little gadget. Bit bar is a little screw gadget that contain different type of screws for you to use in different situations. It is too small that you can keep in your pocket and you can take it any where!

The Bit Bar™ features a full-sized handle and the ability to conveniently store, access, and customize the bits to meet virtually any situation. The titanium versions are CNC milled from a solid block of aerospace grade 5 titanium. It's a very time-consuming and expensive process but we wanted to make something exceptional that could be passed down for many generations to come.

  • You can get a piece in just 55$.



Hunter: @faizan-ashraf

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it looks like a very cool product, The first thing i like about it is that it is so short that can be kept at any place, in our bag, in our pocket, The second thing i like about is that it consists of different type of screw that can be used in different conditions.

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Small in size.
Different sizes.
Easy to keep.


No one.

What a Cool product.


easily Usable.
Very small.
Cheap price.



Great concept. I really like this product as I needed a small pocket screwdriver that I could carry every day and be able to fix things without having to get my tools out.


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