Amiigo - Fitness Bracelet for iPhone and Android

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Fitness Bracelet for iPhone and Android



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This product is for the people who do exercise regularly and also want to track their progress. It covers many things mainly the reps, speed, and intensity.

It can detect what type of exercise you are doing. Like if you are doing swimming or just simply push ups it is capable to detect and differentiate in both of these.

You can sync your progress with your cell phone and it also allows you to share it with your friends.




Hunter: @faizan-ashraf

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  • Track your workout progress
  • Detects the exercise type
  • Sync Data with cellphone


  • NONE
  • Pros.

can be connected to android.

Can be connected to iphone.

Examine your exercise.

Give you report.

  • Cons.

No one.

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