GTR1 Backpack - Large Capacity All-Terrain Backpack

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GTR1 Backpack

Large Capacity All-Terrain Backpack



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Hunter's comment

Hello dear steemians and lovely hunters, for the last couple month I hunted mostly web services and stuff like that but today I founded amazing backpack for myself and wanted to hunt that because its AWESOME. We all see lots of backpack for camping and hiking in the steemhunt or other hunt sites but I guarantee you you dont see anything like GTR1 because its the biggest one :)

GTR1 is something like big suitcase but its just a backpack you can carry your drones, pcs or any tech gear in GTR1. GTR1 has a 23" width. Addition to that GTR1 also features an innovative, giant 23”x23”x11” main pocket, +4 more pockets, and padded walls. I found this backpack amazing and if you want to check it out you can check it from here.

Thanks for reading and happy hunting.



Hunter: @faithcalls

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Great engineering on this one too.


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I hope you enjoy this photo from pexels.

Good luck and happy hunting!

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  • a Backpack for carrying drones
  • Good for the campers and tourers
  • Wise Space


  • I don't have any

WOw this thing is really amazing!!!
I am an adventurer. I usually go for hinking and other visiting places GTR1 Backpack is best for me. It has great features.
Amazing hunt!