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Pet Fitness Robot



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Hello Dear Fellows,
Nowadays we see so many robots useful for the people, what about having one for our pets?
If you have a cat or dog, you know that they want to play games with you, but you are busy or not in that mood, or maybe you are not at home, so this robot will be useful for you.
Varram is a friendly robot and it also works via application, so your pets never get bored and also they will be more active and this is good for their health.
This cute robot uses artificial intelligence to play with your pets, or you can control your activity routines by app.
It interacts with your pets and also zooms around the room.
It is water proof and its early bird price for one is 79 $, for two 139 $ and for three 194 $.



Hunter: @eyhanak

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Nice hunt! Not always possible to have the energy to play with one's pet. Can now laze on the couch and use the phone to let the robot play with one's dog. This can definitely keep the pets engaged.


Yes, definitely, and it will be funny to watch them. Thanks for your influence and comment @karamyog

Hi @eyhanak,

Thanks for your hunt. I’ve reviewed and approved it. The hunt is on.

Its so cute. Pets and robot are so cute. lol
This is such a good idea!! and great hunt. :)


Hahah , yes all of them are so cute. Thanks for your comment and support @machellin

Having this robot for pets would be great for them and also for pet owners, so they can play whenever they want. Thanks for sharing.

Sometimes I think the cats are the most laziest pet
Companies like this should be hyper fund to get those lazy pets up, lol
An excellent hunt friend


Hahah, I cannot decide which one is better, lazy one or hyperactive (mine) one. Thanks for your comment and support @camzy

Some dogs have shown remarkable ability to detect certain cancers.


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Thanks again and look forward to seeing your next hunt!

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