Myhixel - A gadget and online game for men for controlling ejaculation

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A gadget and online game for men for controlling ejaculation



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Hunter's comment

Hi hunters,
This gadget may sound weird first, same here, but you can understand better if you read my text and also watch presentation.
Myhixel is a medical method and it was proved that it helps men to last long during sex and also men can control climax without any other production, like pills or creme.
Men learn how to do it by this gadget and also by online game program.
Let's watch what Patricia Lopez - Ceo of Myhixel tells about this wonderful product.



Hunter: @estebann

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Really sounds interesting haha @estebann But not sure if it really works. Looks nice and no one knows what it can do or not do when they see it...

Keep up the hunts and enjoy the day @estebann

Hi @estebann,

Thanks for your hunt. I’ve reviewed it but after a quick check with the other mods and Steemhunt’s Community Manager we validated this is considered +18 and thus NSFW in several countries.

Because Steemhunt is a global community, we have to respect such elements and as such I can not approve your hunt for Steemhunt. Apologies.

Please read our posting guidelines. If you have any questions, please join our Discord Group.


Hi, No problem @fknmayhem, honestly I was %51 sure, it wouldn't be approved, but just wanted to try. Next time I had better ask on Discord first. Thanks for your kind message. Regards.


Thanks for your understanding. 🤘

Personally I would rather approve such objects - also connected adult toys - but another thing which always comes to mind [thinking as a platform] is how do people following specific religions feel about those items. As an atheist I find it important to also respect their views in this global era [as long as they respect mine].


You are welcome, and your ideas are as same as mines. Thanks for explaining. Happy moderating @fknmayhem ;)

It was interesting for me, too, I hope it works, last chance for me, hahahahahah. Thanks for your comment and also your influence support. Enjoy your day, too @redtravels . Best wishes...