EO smart connecting car 2 - Highly flexible and modular robotic car

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EO smart connecting car 2

Highly flexible and modular robotic car



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Hunter's comment

EO smart connecting car 2 is a microcar designed for megapolitan people with flexible design in all urban conditions.

The situation of parking spaces, heavy traffic, especially during rush hour, becomes a big problem and small, comfortable cars can be a solution that is supported by an electric drive.

Optimizing the concept of EO smart cars with many supporting features

  • Normal driving
  • Drive diagonally
  • Spin in place
  • Drive sideways
  • Shrink from ca. 2.6 m down to ca. 1.8 m while maintaining a comfortable sitting position.




Hunter: @esgie


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I hope you enjoy this photo from pexels.

Good luck and happy hunting!

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Only two words for this wonderful hunt and for its hunter ... "SMART MOVE".

An interesting product for people who have difficulty driving in traffic and cannot even park their vehicles. I would recommend. Don't even miss it. Nice product.

I want to add to my favorite products. She fascinated her amazingly. It has red color of this car? If this car has a red color. I will buy in future without thinking. Cool hunt.

Wow, it's so cool
congratulations on getting this product.
very suitable to be a vehicle in this modern era because it will keep us from congestion. its small form can go anywhere with the help of tecnology

It is very innovative to have a free turn. I think parking and driving will be easy even in a small space.

It's like a complete spacecraft. Man, you're a wonder. It's a great idea. As you drive it, one feels like driving in space. Awesome sharing.

Its a great vehicle ,the idea of connecting car is great and we can drive it easily ,when our car will be connect with others car we can use those time to reading newspaper or can use our mobile .Spin in place is a unique thing and mostly car can't spin in place.

I like the one feature of this car that you able to parked your car at heavilly traffic situation....

Great hunt

Really nice concept, innovative design, more flexible.

Small electric car, nice move

Nice concept, this looks like an intelligent way to manage traffic flow in our ever more crowded cities. Automation allows these to travel in close chains, and "shrink" in their footprint to fit into tiny parking spaces. I like the concept. Nice Hunt.

Presenting the standards of future transportation,

  • Self-driving, resource sharing, information linkage ....
    I can not find a reason not to go.

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