C the Signs - Fighting cancer with early diagnosis

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C the Signs

Fighting cancer with early diagnosis



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Hunter's comment

C the Signs is a multi-platform that uses artificial intelligence based on national evidence about cancer in the UK to help general practitioners to identify patients with cancer symptoms from an early age.


  • Covering the entire spectrum of cancer, from childhood to old age
  • Search by detail system
  • Search by symptoms (eg "loss of appetite" or "weight loss")
  • Provide recommendations on what tests, investigations or referrals should be done
  • Refer all symptoms to the entire database
  • Specifically designed to be fast, intuitive and provide results in 30 seconds




Hunter: @esgie


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Oh good hunt.
I hope it will help to someone have cancer & other painful people.
Thanks for introducing it. I will introduce it to my friends.

Cancer is one of the bad things for humanity and there is still no clear solution for it. The best thing on this stiuation is early diagnosis. Its good thig to see AI usage in this area and I hope this platform become more famous.

Nice @datome. Yes, it is the one worst thing we are fighting against. Early diagnosis is the only solution which can lead to control it. Many people are not aware of this disease even doctors until it grows to the uncontrollable stages, I have seen many of the patients are confirmed the disease in its later stages. There are many physical symptoms when one is affected by this disease, but they are treated for the symptoms only, If they are lucky enough the Doctor will suggest them for a test, normally it doesn't happen. Finally, they are thinking about the cause for the intermittent illness or symptoms, but the hidden danger has grown to uncontrollable within the timespan. C the Signs is a great initiative and appreciatable effort. People must know these type of services and use them to fight against the disease. thank you, hunter, for sharing this.

Cancer is one of the dangerous disease and if this platform is able to appraisal cancer disease then this is really great.

What does it mean "uses artificial intelligence based on national evidence"? I am more confused on the "national" evidence part.

The definition of national evidence here for a scope in the UK, about cancer database which becomes the basis for their artificial intelligence data

I see... Thank you for the clarification.

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