Virus Fight Club - Coronavirus game,travels around the globe to defeat COVID-19

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Virus Fight Club

Coronavirus game,travels around the globe to defeat COVID-19



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The Virus Fight Club is an funny and exciting game, where play travel around the world to defeat the deadly Coronavirus disease. The game is engaging and also enlighten one on prevention of the Coronavirus pandemic.

In the game MG is a kid in a quest to save the world. Help him defeat the enemy as he travels around the world.
The aim of the game is to avoid getting ill while collecting as many points as possible.


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These games can be fun when there is no pandemic raging across the world, but whilst we're in the middle of one it's too serious to enjoy as a game Maybe this game will take off when the real pandemic ends!

The game is designed as a fun and for a good cause to spread awareness and to save the world from the coronavirus.

It's good to see game developers are also working to make our people aware how they can defeat the corona virus.

This game looks really cool and will get one more informed about ways to prevent coronavirus. Nice hunt buddy

What a nice innovative game. This virus is really biting hard and a game like this makes fun out of it. Its really cool. Defeating the enemy ,all hands must be on deck.


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