Steemed Phish Extension - A Chrome Extension to Help with SCAM / Phishing Steemit Site

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Steemed Phish Extension

A Chrome Extension to Help with SCAM / Phishing Steemit Site



Hunter's comment

A lot of clone websites of Steemit are popping up now and then a lot of steemians have lost their hard earn STEEM as they input there login detail in the website, the hackers steal their credentials and break into their accounts.

Steemed Phish Extension is chrome extension that gives warning you are being lured into a fake Steemit website, the extension does this by validating Steemit related websites by changing its icon color:

  • When it show red that is blacklisted sites (seen in the image above)
  • When it is green it is recognised friendly
  • When it is grey is for unrecognised sites



Hunter: @eprolific
Makers and Contributors:

  • @quochuy (10% beneficiary of this article)

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Yeah it is a really useful tool for steemit users to protect their account!
I tested with some phishing domains, and it worked correctly

Be careful with those phishing domains:

  • steewit(dot)com
  • śteemit(dot)com
  • ŝteemit(dot)com
  • şteemit(dot)com
  • šteemit(dot)com
  • sţeemit(dot)com
  • sťeemit(dot)com
  • șteemit(dot)com
  • sleemit(dot)com

fuck I just self-voted this comment to revive my comment because that @guard and @mack-bot auto down votings. You guys should seriously make your bots smarter!

dear @tabris i am feeling sick of this fucking @mack-bot :( whtf is wrong with these guys i even dont understand they are just shit and you know what dear due to these fucking bots we are losing many users from our community.

Some browser extensions can make this links clickable.
Use phishingwebsite(dot)com.

OK I admit that I'd better use an obfuscated URL, and I changed that now.

But seriously, do you just click the link without reading the comment?

Thanks for sharing this vital information. It will save many from trouble and falling victim

WARNING! The comment below by @tabris leads to a known phishing site that could steal your account.
Do not open links from users you do not trust. Do not provide your private keys to any third party websites.

@guard @mack-bot hey.. you shouldn't downvote the comment automatically!
Writing this comment is okay, but you should downvote the comment manually after you read the comment.

Yes @tabris posts those sites to warning steemians and how the chrome extension is useful. Are you human or bot that could not read his comment... that you downvoted his comment

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