SteemPress - Publish your wordpress blog content to steem automatically

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Publish your wordpress blog content to steem automatically




SteemPress is a wordpress plugin to allow you to automatically publish your articles on the STEEM blockchain whenever you publish them on your blog.



Hunter: @emrebeyler
Makers and Contributors:

  • @howo (10% beneficiary of this article)
  • @fredrikaa (10% beneficiary of this article)

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Trying out Steemhunt. Looks good!


and 10% goes to steemhunter


yes, thoughts? is it bad/good?


It is a bit high. Not sure, what they really added to the community.
I wouldn't know, what is the benefit of that app..except, that one can publish content, that is already on steem?
For example this WP plugin.
It has been featured here.
But yeah, it is another way, to get as much as possible out of the reward pool..

Awesome ! Thanks :D

What is the general consensus on posting to steemit and other places? And does the order matter?

I.e. is it better to post on steemit first and then repost elsewhere, or the other way around? In my case I'm considering posting educational content to both steemit and Medium.

y i will definitely be your best friend in @steemprees