Stationear - Stationear - Barrier-Free Communication Platform

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Stationear - Barrier-Free Communication Platform



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What is StationEar?
is a mobile application that allows people with hearing impairments to make phone calls.
Friends and family etc. can both search and answer

Why is StationEar Important?

A hearing impaired person can not ask for help when needed.
This platform will be able to ask for help.
The phone that can both call and answer

This project is in the making. Supports are waiting.
Soon this project will be the night of the dream



Hunter: @emrahyalcin

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Sorry 😅, it seems like this hunt didn't meet our Steemhunt's Guideline within this section,


  • It's at beta stage

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  • Convert voice of incoming calls into written words.
  • Convert written words into voice to answer the call.


  • None, it is very useful for hearing impaired peoples.

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