Goalie VR - Play the Game of Ice Hockey in Virtual Reality

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Goalie VR

Play the Game of Ice Hockey in Virtual Reality



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Hunter's comment

Goalie VR brings the amazing game of Ice Hockey into Virtual Reality. You can now play your favorite game of Ice Hockey in your room, office or anywhere. The gameplay is breathtaking.

Experience the adrenaline rush of defending your goal against 5 opposing players, an unrealistic but FUN experience. Play against AI or your friends (requires a compatible mobile device).

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What a great and amazing hunt. I m big fan of hocky. Every weekand me and my friends playing hockey. It is very interesting game. Now we playing hocky with vr technology. Vr technology helps us to spend our life become enjoyable. Really very cool hunt. Thanks for sharing.

Hi hunter,

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Wow here you again regards to VR Technology. This time its about you can play Ice Hockey in VR, and enjoying it with Ice as well. So now everyone wants to play Ice Hockey in VR ..
Cool Hunt Dear.
Thanks for Sharing

Wow it's so cool i am a big fan of VR and AR technology's it's really very cool I've Hockey Game and in this we have to rush and goal the bol against 5 opposing players. I am very excited for this Goalie VR..

VR all over in all games... Playing ice hockey game in VR is so awesome. I think I will still look for this in playing such because I never knew it will exist. I so wish to experience the fun...


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