GOOD NEWS!You Have 3 Days to Claim Your SteemHunt Airdrop Token

in steemhunt •  2 months ago

Hey Guys!

New Week. New Things. Exciting Things. How has been your Weekend? Mine was pretty intense but thankful to see such an amazing day like this. You Know what would be more amazing? If you all would CLAIM YOUR FREE STEEMHUNT AIRDROP TOKENS.I have a feeling a few of us, well, YOU, will regret not doing so. I quickly explain how to do so on this mini vlog.

See You on the Next Vlog,


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I've been meaning to look at steemhunt, I love so should be a easy transition


dude, you should totally get on there and get your 1:1 ration hunt tokens before you cannot! :)


What @teamhumble said, do claim your airdrop tokens. And yeah, if you are familiar with Product hunt then this should be very smooth for ya @harshilpatel :)

Wow nice! So easy indeed. Thanks a lot for the heads up :)

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Most Welcome! You Should now start Hunting @greencross :D

Thank for remembering Steemians, I already claimed mine though

just went to get them! yay!

I still don't understand how steemhunt works.
I just went, and logged in via steemconnect.
Is that all i need to do?
where do i see the tokens? i dont really know how to navigate on their site.


Click on Your Wallet by Cicking on Your Avatar...When you are in the wallet just click Claim SP to get your airdrop tokens @bobaphet


Done! Cheers 😎

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