Prim Water Softener - Enjoy a Non-Toxic Bathing Experience w/ PRIM Water Softener

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Prim Water Softener

Enjoy a Non-Toxic Bathing Experience w/ PRIM Water Softener



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Hunter's comment

If you live in a place where hard water is the order of the day, then you will definitely appreciate todays hunt. This machine has been desired to offer you the most fulfilling bath experience by turning hard water into soft water basically.

Being a rejuvenating system that offers toxic-free bathing experience, PRIM eliminates fluoride, chlorine, and lime from the water, which improves skin conditions and hair loss, not only that,

The Prim shower will invigorate your mind, freshen your body and sharpen your senses to tackle the day head. And at nighttime, it will soothingly warm and relax every muscle in your body for a sleep that’s deep and healing.



Hunter: @elsiekjay

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Awesome hunt ! Your hunt is now verified.

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Sure would like to try this prim water softener to see how it feels on the skin. Cool hunt.

Great Hunt

Hello Hunter, I really appreciate your effort & Here is my opinion-


  • Easy to use
  • Friendly for our skin
  • Removes dirt & pollutants from the skin


Thank You & Happy Hunting :-)

This product is very nice for me. Because our water is bad here and it hurts my hair and my body. Enjoy the day with Premium Water Softener. Thanks for the sahring.

In some areas the waters become very hard. And these waters damage our hair and our body when we take a shower. They produced a beautiful product to soften the water. Thanks for the hunt.

I recently watched a video. The woman was making a small house in her garden. I like this very much. Both durable and airtight. A place where you can comfortably use summer and winter. Nice hunt.

very good hunting, for us women the most important thing is our skin and our hair, with this filter we will manage to take care of them, PRIM removes fluorine, chlorine and lime from water, has a heater to use it cold and nights, excellent hunting

This is really very helpful technology. I know many places in India where there is problem of hard water. You don't get enough froth/foam with soaps and detergents. I am sure this would be of great help to people in those regions.
Thanks for hunting down.