IDKEY - Biometric Security Key-Protects Your Digital World

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Biometric Security Key-Protects Your Digital World



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We are cureently living in a world where most of our trasactions and assets are done online. It is therefore very crucial that we secure our data and passwords or rather access to all our accounts. IDKEY is one of those products that is seeking to enhance cyber security for the end user.

What is IDKEY you ask? It is harware based password manager that relies on biometric technology to protect your digital world with the swipe of a finger.

IDKEY™ M Securely store passwords and files with 10GB of encrypted storage
IDKEY M can be paired with IDKEY mobile and browser app via USB, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth&reg
IDKEY is HID&reg SEOS™ M ready to provide secure access to homes and business
IDKEY utilizes NFC technology for secure payment transactions



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We have lots of things we do that requires our password, having a device that can help save the password is a good idea. Happy hunting hunter 😎

Good hunt
Very useful