Blinkit -Steem action notifier - Get notified on Arduino on steem related activities

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Blinkit -Steem action notifier

Get notified on Arduino on steem related activities


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Hunter's comment

What is Blinkit?

Blinkit is a notification software that can be used to give to regular and widely available devices a Steem purpose.


Supported devices:

  • USB Sticks (status light)
  • Philips HUE lamps
  • Sonoff devices
  • Arduino Boards or compatible (Genuino, etc...)
  • Camera status LED blink
  • Take photos on upvote/post/follow
  • Logitech RGB/Backlight Keyboards (new)

Blinkit can look for new Steem account Upvotes and Followers, and it can notify on new Posts made by a user.

More devices will be added in the near future.

Blinkit is free and open source, and can be downloaded from the Blinkit Github page:



The new Arduino sketch file (.INO) can be downloaded from the Github repo Blinkit-Arduino-integration

For more details regarding how it is implemented please get back to this link.


New features are being implemented and will be released soon !! keep an eye on us !! I will also keep you posted when new interesting things are there !!



Hunter: @electronicsworld

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