Steem Whale - a life-sized sperm whale on the blockchain

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Steem Whale

a life-sized sperm whale on the blockchain



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Hunter's comment

First things first: The sperm whale is real! This life-sized whale is located in the harbour of the Dutch city of Harlingen. The whale is connected to the Steem blockchain and should show the speed of this blockchain. Just donate at least one Steem or one SBD and let the whale spray a high fountain of water only a few seconds later. This project was founded by @roelandp.

The fountain of water can be followed here in livestream:

By the way: The collected donations serve for the maintenance of the whale as well as for the preservation of the seas.

@roelandp explains the whale in this video:

And here the introduction post of "Steem Whale" by @roelandp:




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Finally someone has this idea to put Steemwhale on Steemhunt. I think Roeland is a genius and recommend everyone to try it out. Really fun.


Yes, a brilliant project :)

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Glad to hear that, thanks! :)

A spray with just a little donation, that interesting, just hearing about it. Checking the introductory post to know more about it


Go for that ;)

I am very happy to see that the Steem Whale has finally made it to Steem Hunt. The first person who Hunted it did not follow posting guidelines.

The Whale is very Iconic and I it shows how technology makes the world a small village . I can make an event happen in a place miles away from where I live in just three seconds.

The Whale will also serve as a way to promote the Steem Blockchain and Blockchain technology as a whole.

Good looking out to @roelandp for this Whale.

Amazing Hunt


Thanks for your great feedback!

Again. A new tool developed over the blockchain steem. I will waiting for the whale to spray the fountain to me, or I will go to Harlingen city port, the Netherlands to catch whales :D

This is a great hunt,i Looking forward to your next hunt :)

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Thanks mate! Haha, sound like a great idea :)

Here is my review for your product:

For this product, I like to mark it as
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  • It is connected to the steem blockchain
  • It is very cool and beautiful
  • It can be followed in livestream
  • It is a great project


  • Nothing for this product

Good work on hunting, thank for bring us a good product

(Please noted that it is my personal opinion only)


I agree with you!

A unique way to make use of steem and sbd.
Probably steemians can use this service when christmas or new year come :D


Haha, yeah :D

Great hunt. Here's my review-

  1. See steem blockchain live in action
  2. Works for sea preservation and sealife
  3. Makes people more aware about steem blockchain
  4. Live visuals

Cons- none


Agree with you! :)

Steemwhale... Wow sound like a cool idea . I am actually getting to know about this for the first time though .. But it seem to be a great idea .. Will do my reading about it. Thanks for the cool hunt dear


Give it a try :)

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I saw whale. I saw sperm.

Of course I had to upvote this. Even more so because of the second tag. It ain’t living until there’s a sperm whale involved!!!


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Thanks again and look forward to seeing your next hunt!

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Thanks! Glad to hear that :)

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