Spud Raincoat by Equilicuâ - a bioplastic COAT giving NEW LIFE when done

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Spud Raincoat by Equilicuâ

a bioplastic COAT giving NEW LIFE when done



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Hunter's comment

The Spud Raincoat is not only an environmental save poncho made from bio plastics, it has seeds embedded (using Japanese permaculture techniques) so it can grown new plants and flowers!

Certainly, the raincoat is created to be re-usable. But at some point, the product may not serve it's purpose anymore. When that times has come, the coat can be buried.

  1. complete dissolved in about 180 days
  2. grow new plant(s)

How cool is that!?

Whenever we burry a coat, we get some nature in return through the seeds of aromatic plants, flowers, trees and mediterranean bushes.

A year ago, talking with Dutch NATR, trying to create the next step; Not having to burry the raincoat at all. However, until today, they where not able to create the coat to grown something while it is above ground.

Let Us All Bury the Coat




Hunter: @edje


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Thank You! :)

Hello, @edje for your hunt.

• Waterproof
• Comfortable

Great Hunt!