VIPP Shelter - Glamping / Living in an über Luxurious Container

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VIPP Shelter

Glamping / Living in an über Luxurious Container



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Hunter's comment

VIPP, the Danish company of kitchen, bathroom and other living space accessories, created a Prefab House: VIPP Shelter.

The Shelter ships anywhere in the world; Within 3 to 5 days it is installed and ready for living.

Anybody who loves VIPP products, likes total luxury, wants quality, and is super lazy; The Shelter may be something for you!

It comes fully equipped with everything: from kitchen, bathroom, dining table, chairs, daybed (this one alone cost 13k Euro), bed to lamps and all the other accessories you need.

The price is a bit hefty with a bit more than 600k Euro, but you'll have a complete 55m2 house with everything in it; You only need a piece of land to install.

You like a tour? Check this video.

For 600 Euro/night you can try the Shelter at Lake Immeln (Sweden), 2 hrs (by car) from Copenhagen.



Hunter: @edje

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Totally in love with the look of the "camp container" @edje Wait the the daybed alone costs 13k? Are you serious, would love it even more if the price would be lower. Who can afford a 55m2 house for 600k? Still love the idea and look of it!

Keep on hunting and enjoy the day @edje


Yeh, VIPP product are pretty expensive; But they are also pretty beautiful :)

Hi @edje,

Thanks for yet another hunt. Ive reviewed and approved it. The hunt is on.



This is awesome. It has a perfect amount of room and is packed with everything you need for a living. It is not to small and not too big. Price is high but you can not expect that this kind of stuff is cheap. Would love to live in one for the rest of my life. I like the panoramic windows.
Great hunt @edje!


Totally agree; I can see myself living in one of these as well; But first Steem value needs to increase woth a factor 1000 :)

Brilliant design for a compact, low impact abode out in the wilderness. Add sustainability modules: solar panels, wind turbine, water harvesting reservoir, biogas converter, etc.


Yep, agree, VIPP did forget a bit about all of those extras which they should have included (solar at least) for the price they ask.

Love the VIPP Shelters they look so amazing!
How was it to live in one?

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On my todo list; First need to save a couple times 600 Euro :)

How interesting this is and perfect to be able to spend a weekend with the family


Yep, location of this one in the video is also super cool! Right in the middle of nature.


spend a weekend and that perfect nature

This is really cool and amazing!
The price wasnt so bad to me
This is really attractive!!!!
Nice hunt!


Super you like this one, thanks :)

Magnificent, I find it spectacular to enjoy nature without making so much sacrifice. I loved it. an awesome hunt congratulations, I will give you reestem @edje


Thanks! :)


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