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the TOOL that should've been INTEGRATED into ALL STEEM APPS



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We all know, those who concentrate on one specific topic, is able to create something very useful.

So did our Steem(it) community member @shaunmza. He created the best tool (imho) to view the history of follow, unfollow and mutes.

With a simple, easy to understand user interface, using colours and giving statistical overviews, this tool provides an instant view wrt the situation of your personal community.

I started to use this tool when it was launched sometime last year, and never found something similar.

It is free to use - So why not test it?



Hunter: @edje
Makers and Contributors:

  • @shaunmza (15% beneficiary of this article)

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This is something that an active Steemit blogger can find very useful. I use GIna Bot for all kinds of different notification, but it is still Important to have a full view from time to time.

Hunt On


Need to look into Gina bot, more people seem to use it. Then again, I like Steem Followers :)

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Super, Thanks

Very useful tool for steemit platform, and every active user there.
I used gina for notifications and stuff, but this one is different.
I will check it for sure!!
Awesome Hunt!

It would be great to see who unfollowed or muted me. Thanks for sharing. Perfect hunt.

Can I also see who muted me in my full Steem history?

My new followers I get already notified about by Ginabot.


Yep, you will be able to see a full history of follow/unfollow/mute. When users follow then unfollow and follow again, all those events you see. Just scroll down to get further into the history. You also see quickly when you follow someone, or not who follows/unfollows or muted you. With a single click you can open the Steemit blog page of the user.


Indeed :)

This is such a helpful tool. I have been struggling with sorting through my follows and trying to get only quality users on my list. Thanks for creating this.


You're welcome, and success with the tool!

I used this app a lot back in the day I was worried of who followed and unfolloed. Good hunt to play it detective.


Hahaha, yeh, you can use it for that as well indeed :)

Thats a pretty cool tool. I love it when steemit users create things like this. I don't know if it is something I would use often but it does provide some interesting insight into your followers.


Agree! I use it now and then, to check what who followed me and to check if I like to follow them back. The one click jump to their steemit blog is super for that, it even opens it in a new browser tab, so it is easy to go through a bunch of new followers.

Nice picture.




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