Jellyfish Leather Shoe - Next Level Leather Products - Created from Dead Jellyfish

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Jellyfish Leather Shoe

Next Level Leather Products - Created from Dead Jellyfish



Hunter's comment

We all know leather products, made from the skin of the usual suspects in animal land.

The thing is: Leather can be created from other base material as well.

Like from Jellyfish!

Those little creatures (and sometimes big, like the Japanese giant Jellyfish with about 3 meter diameter) that sting you when you encounter one while swimming in the sea.

Jellyfish Leather is more than a concept. It is not only demonstrated it is possible. Charlotte van Alem created products with it. More than prototypes, since eg the shoe she designed was tested on all sort of things, like durability.

And all made from dead jellyfish we can find so much of in our seas.



Hunter: @edje

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It is great to make Leather Shoes of Jellyfish. As an animal lover, I hope they aren't killed, they die themselves (Even I don't believe) by the way, great hunt.


Well, apparently there are a lot of dead jellyfish in eg the baltic sea; also one can find them on the coastline/beaches, although the tricky thing is to get them into leather production hall before they are to dried up. Mass collection is still to be figured out. So far, they only take small quantities of jellyfish; at least as far as I know.

@edje excellent hunting, without a doubt this is a product, novel and surprising for the material of its construction
Thank you very much for letting us know this news
I wish you a happy hunt


Thanks :)

This is super awesome...!!

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Of course; Done! :)

I think dumping jellyfish as waste is a huge misuse of resources. It's nice to see that company is using jellyfish leather to produce shoes. The shoes looks nice and i like the fact that their production is completely organic and therefore biodegradable too. Great Hunt.

seeing the materials used really tell that the product is of quality.
just take a look at this

It's innovative use of material, actually amazing to make "leather" from jellyfish which is well known as no-use and harmful.

I hope the shoes design will be developed more fashionably.
Thanks for your cool hunt!

An unusual thing.I am amazed to read about the material of this shoes..really very impressive.I think this will be a fantastic addition.superb hunt.

Hello @edje

Well since I am using the footwear I have been listening that it is made of the leather material. For the very first time I came to know that a shoe an be made of jellyfish skin, wow. I do believe this is an innovation in this regard which is really awesome.

Thank you so much for this superb hunt :)

Very interesting material to make shoes. Good hunt!


Thanks :)

Thanks @edje..!!


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Cool; Thanks!

see then what interesting material to make shoes. A good way to recycle dead animals


Absolutely :)


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