Dopper - the Water Bottle aiming to Change the World

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the Water Bottle aiming to Change the World



Hunter's comment

Refillable water bottles are not new. Some look cool others are simply practical in use. Nothing really exciting.

And then there is Dopper!

Dopper takes the water bottle to the next level. It is not only a cool looking product with the top able to function as a cup; The company behind this bottle is trying to change the world, through this bottle.

Their product is not just the water bottle, their product is a whole lot more:

We want to live in a world where people are aware of the environment, where we actively reduce single-use plastic waste, and where everyone, near and far, has access to fresh and safe drinking water.

What they are:

Dopper is a social enterprise. This means that we aim to improve the world in a sustainable manner, rather than just try to increase our profit.

What they do:

Through the Dopper Foundation, we are creating a growing and active consciousness regarding the impact of single-use plastic waste and access to safe drinking water worldwide.



Hunter: @edje

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Hey nice to see your this great hunt.This water bottle product really so cool.This is so usefull product.I just love to read this. its will help lot people thanks for sharing this great hunt.

Awesome hunt ! Your hunt is now verified.

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Super! Thanks.

Great Hunt!


So nice to see at least some companies being concerned about the environment and not only about their own profit. Definitely a cause to support!

Keep on the good work!

Hello @edje,

I do personally believe that Dopper is beyond the level of hunt or something like that. It is basically an awesome initiative to make the people aware how our eco system is being destroyed by throwing the plastic bottles and other objects everywhere. I am in for this awesome project to reduce the plastic to make our mother Earth a place worth living.

Superb Hunt :)

Pros and Cons
-trying to bring out a good idea to the world
-Nicely designed bottle

-Fairly expensive for the water bottle

I like Dopper because it is refillable water. We can save the world without using plastic bottle.
It's good idea.

I like their ideal beliefs and would like to vote for introduction about 'good' enterprise. :)


Totally agree; The founders of Dopper started this company based on their ideals which is so much better than companies creating foundation because it is hype (think of all the big tech companies). I really love this! And to be honest, the design of the product is also support cool! :)

Nice hunt!
I think environment had been damaged by human so seriously in the recent years! This is definitely a nice idea to tackle the issue!
Thanks for the sharing!


It certainly is; Thanks for your comment.

Nice hunt...
Plastics are a real threat to our ecosystem... We need them gone sooner than latter.



Here's my personal opinion
Pros :

  • reusable
  • reduce single-use plastic waste

Cons :

  • can't find differences between this and other reusable bottle

There are no bells and whistles here. This may not be the most revolutionary product as far as water bottles go, but it's a simple solution to the ever-growing problem of single-use plastic bottles. I like that it looks like a nice, sleek bottle, so no one will think you were carrying your kid's water bottle to the office. And it also comes with an athletic water spout, just in case you need to bring it to the gym.

Damn this water bottle is truly different and amazing in so many ways especially it features. I hope to get this kind of cool bottle someday

Sleek product. Phenomenal idea that I hope catches on sooner than later.........

I think, the price of this is little more at €19.50, because we get the same solid steel bottle in India for as little as Rs 500 which would be below €10. They are trying to encash customer sentiments to sell their product, I feel.

I have seen a lot of this devices and this one looks interesting as it is trying to stand out on it own. With this, our environment will be clean also



Hi @ edje, a real green hunt.
Disposable plastic bottles are a disaster for our planet.
Only a small part is recycled and the rest ends everywhere.
This bottle is a real example of a product to reduce pollution.
Super eco product.

this help people to improve the water quality, thank you very much for your hunt, steem on

cool hunt

Yeah you were right in saying , it is more than a bottle. It is an ecofriendly tool and that too in times of need.

I hope this gets attention to the community. There has been a lot of products who use plastic and as a result, causes pollution. This is a socially-ecologically great for us. Great hunt !

I don't see the difference between this one other reusable bottles. All of them would reduce single-use plastic waste. Not sure what is unique about this one, at least from the description.


Wondering what your are missing; This company drives all sort of projects to get plastic reduced, and drinking water to more people and use the bottle to fund those activities. What other water bottle companies does that?


I am pretty sure that tons of projects/etc claim to reduce plastic usage, but it's not the main point so let's focus on the product itself. What's the difference between this and other reusable water bottles, excluding company actions? At least from the description I do not see any.

I am really happy to see the plastic movement taking hold. You have companies that are refusing to use plastic straws and lots of companies moving away from plastic bottles. This is another great example of innovation that is good for the environment. Great find

With this water bottle in its shiny armour you also make a stand for cleaner oceans this is the veautifull product and helpfull too.

This is an epic find. Perfect bottle with its amazing features. I want to have this cutie. Great hunt.

Thats a cool bottle and idea behind it I need a new bottle for walking around so off to check it out i go

Bravo for Dopper... This planet need more social enterprises like this one... This product is very useful, making part of raising the public awareness! :)

Hiii @edje, you always sharing amazing products.

"Dopper" is really a Cool Hunt.

I am very glad to hear about this product which has astonishing features. I appreciate the creator of this multi purpose product and there is no doubt that the company behind this Dopper (Bottle) is trying to change this world.Thanks a lot for sharing. Keep Hunting such products.

Hi, @edje you did a great work for bringing this awesome hunt.
Dopper is different among other water bottles. It has a nice design plastic, which Will help in keeping the environment very clean because there will be no more throwing plastic around or inside the water.

Happy hunting💖💞

It's a water bottle that looks like a barrel. The body is made of solid and durable material. It has a somewhat contradictory structure in appearance. Especially with the cup used as a cover, the appearance is slightly different. Cool hunt and thanks.

the bottle is very beautiful, but the best thing is what is behind this, this beautiful cause ... very good contribution to

An awesome eco-friendly innovation. It's a simple water bottle but have a great potential to change the world through the idea which it carries with itself. Environment can be made free of toxic plastic waste by using this type of cool products.
Good Hunt.

The biggest difference between the other bottles of the Dopper product is that they try to make the world liveable. This is a product of a bottle cork. A water bottle designed to reduce the amount of waste and make it a reusable product. Thanks for the useful product.

Made of three parts, easy to clean. Can be used in the dishwasher. Of course it is not a thermos. It removes your needs for water bottles. It has a cup made of tritan material and a body made of stainless steel. Handy and useful hunt.

There are a few advantage of using this product. You will always have your cup with you. You will not use plastic bottles anymore so eco-friendly. You will have a cool bottle. Thanks for sharing it.


Great Hunt!

Wow this is a great and another style of water bottle. The modern style was really the main asset of this hunt.


More and more Eco-friendly solutions and projects and still not to much done so far. It is good that the project behind this water bottle is fighting against plastic waste as this is one of the major source of pollution and i hope more and more projects like this will come to live in the near future.

An organization that is not only about profits? The collaboration around the world is really changing things. It is wonderful to see. This water bottle is focused upon helping people.

Great hunt.

Dopper is an incredibly well designed water bottel. It is comfortable to carry and is easy to wash. It is a great way to reduce your plastic bottel use.

Most lovable Dopper

Really the water bottle is different and modern. The bottle is in a good design. Its eco system is great enough to help keep the bottle clean and safe.

Awesome hunt! best of luck

It is a great idea to use single-use plastic waste for the environment as a Dopper. Perfect project.

This is a good initiative to go green and to recycle. I have seen so many plastic bottles being thrown everywhere, in streets, beaches, parks etc.


Yeh, I’ve seen them as well; I simply cannot imagine why people just throw things on the ground, or in the water. I still hope that I wake up and it turns out it was all a bad dream. But am pretty sure I’m not asleep :(

Water protects our lives .carry to water its perfectly.Realy beautiful weter bottle


Agree :)



Wow .. This will go a long way in keeping the eco system Clean and safe .. Cool hunt from you again


Thanks :)

I like the Solid Steel design! It looks so slick!! Nice hunt!


This is one version indeed, their best one, at least imho (am the proud owner of one of these). They have the plastics versions in various colours as well. They also offer the possibility to get a brand logo/name printed onto the cup, to make it a give away product for companies to stimulate the spreading of the product.

That's what I love about water bottles they are environmentally friendly. I'm using a Hydro Flask right now it's kinda big. What I like about the item that you found is that it has a cup built into it. It look like you can even mix cocktails in it haha.
Thank you for sharing this with us!


The cup is pretty cool :) However, from own experience, the cup is not to be used for cocktails. The plastic ised is not 100% cool with something, could be sucker, alcohol or? But, still cool design :)


Haha. Thanks for your feedback. Yeah cause most of my friends drink alcohol so I was thinking of that

useful content thanks for share


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